perfect health

A 7 Day Meditation Experience To Boost Your Health

Love is the source of life. Love is the operating system of healthy cells, and the ultimate operating system of your body. The more you are aware of love, the more your body will function at its ultimate level.

Every day enjoy a transformative teaching, a guided meditation, and a reflection.

What’s Included with PerfectHealth?

Perfect Health with David Youngren

Day 1 - The Source of Health: I find health through love

Day 2 - Deactivate Stress: I release all tension and stress in my body

Day 3 - The Issues of The Heart: Health begins in my heart

Day 4 - Guiltless: My past is an illusion

Day 5 - Freedom From Shame: I am enough

Day 6 - Go with Peace: Through forgiveness, I enter into a state of peace

Day 7 - Food and Exercise: My body is sacred

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